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HSVROC 2009 - Topaz Lodge and Casino, Topaz Lake, NV
June 4 - 7, Thursday through Sunday.

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Thursday. I screwed up the settings on my camera so the photos are not very clear.

Also I missed getting a photo of Epibunny.

Cranky arrives

Mr and Mrs Grumpa

Penmaker, Grumpa, Russ, Slots and Debbie

Wes Henry

K C and wife Lynn arrive

Phil Terry rides in

Jim Hunt unloading

Einstein coming in from Arizona

Went 17 miles south for dinner. It looks wet but the rain passed through just before we got to Walker. Had dinner at the outdoor picnic table.
Dinner at the Walker Burger

End of Thursday pics


Sunrise over Topaz Lake

Grumpa, K C, Penmaker, Slots before breakfast

VSP and Einstein photo by Cranky

Jim H's nose, Slots, K C, Jeff

Ms Epibunny rides up from the campground

Mike from Fullerton and his SO

Taking a group picture

A group picture

Two real old timers Cranky and Slots

Slots will lead his now infamous Friday Ride.

KSU at 9:00 AM {actualy 9:10 AM}

On the road to Wabuska, NV

Some guy is building a Castle in the middle of nowhere.

Slots posing before going in to get a Bloody Mary

The main bartender at the Wabuska Bar

Next was the ride into Virginia City. Then upon exiting the rain hit the group for a short time.

Regrouping at the Genoa Bar

The Ride was headed to Virginia City but I dropped out to get these photos of the Cathouses for Grumpa.

The sign on Hwy 50 showing the way

Later in the afternoon.

Jest arrives through rain, snow and fog

Valdez and Jest checking out Nite Lite's new Voyager

Brian "Nite Lite" stuffing his saddlebags

Josh and Denny arrive from Gualala and Willits

Cat and Jim S make it in from Oxnard

end Friday

Friday afternoon after Slot's Ride Papa Russ from Lake Tahuyeh, WA saw that he had no nut on his front axle bolt. After finding that the Kaw store in Carson City and also Reno did not have that nut in stock, we wound up at a Fastenal in Minden.

Although they had been closed for a half hour, Billy the owner of a Bonneville T100 and also a Ducati spent over a half hour trying to get one. Finally he told Russ that he, Billy would go home and give Russ a phone call at the Topaz Lodge if he found one at home.

Billy found one and told Russ to meet him at the Store at 7:30 AM Saturday. This morning Russ rode to Fastenal and Billy met him outside with wrench in hand. Billy had found the correct flanged nut from an old dirt bike he had once owned and put the bolt on for Papa Russ.

We had forgotten to take a photo of Billy, but Papa Russ had his business card. So if some of us good VROC members would email Billy a note of thanks from the Group. It would be nice.

Billy's Eamil Address:
Billy Stugart

Sherm's requested pics of Chloe.
Epibunny, Chloe, Patty

Chloe in her riding gear

Valdez is leading a Ride up to Sparks to check out the vendors at Spring Vibrations in Sparks.
It is a bit chilly this morning.

Valdez, Patty and Chloe leading a Ride

As we are riding into Carson City Cranky decides to put on his glove liners while riding. But he drops his right glove, since we are riding through some pretty heavy traffic. He heads the pack and turns us into a parking lot. When he stops he found that glove on his floorboard. So after a quick pit stop it is back on the road to Sparks.

Cranky found his glove

We somehow all manage to get to the Spring Vibrations.

Einstein and K C

Wearing only a "beanie" in the cold rain this unknown rider bought a balaclava for the return trip

There were the usual vendors and a steady rain in Sparks. But Josh found a fellow who sells chaps. That vendor had hired a couple of ladies to model the chaps.
Josh took this photo of a vendor selling chaps (I think, it was chaps)

On the way back to the Topaz Lodge K C his wife and I stop off at Virginia City. There is their 150 year celebration going on this weekend.
K C's wife Lynn outside the Bucket of Blood

There are people dressed in the garb of 150 years ago walking the streets of Virginia City.
Don "VSP" sandwich

The last of the riders returning from the Sparks Ride.

Einstein, Josh and Raft Dog

Hanging out at the Kaw Pasture, which this year are the hallways of Building 3.
Cranky's hand, K C, Valdez, Roy and Eric

K C decided to RV it this year. So he and his wife drove up from San Jose in their minivan hauling their Camping Trailer.
K C's trailer
{note: that is K C's minivan that he and his wife came to HSVROC in. This is a photo that K C staged of his van and a blown out trailer he saw on his way back from visiting Bodie, the ghost town.}

End Saturday

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Riders are packing up to head hither and yon. Some are headed home others to the WWR in KY and one to NorCal to visit a friend.

Jim S. strapping on protection while Laura "NiteLite" and Cat talk. They will all be in KY.

Brian "NiteLite" in his subdued yellow, Mr and Mrs Nite Lite. All are riding to KY.

Howard insisted that I post a photo of his beautiful new Voyager :-)

Penmaker getting ready to take the scenic route home

Papa Russ with axle nut in place will ride with Penmaker at least part of the way

Einstein still is not sure where he is

Eric D and wife Paula in the foreground as Roy C looks on. Heading back to Castro Valley.

Wes H. is heading north and west to visit a friend

Roy C's back while Valdez supervises. Valdez has only a short ride back to Sacramento and Chloe is still sleeping.

Mark M (Grumpa) waiting for the better half before heading home along Hwy 89

End of Sunday

Thanks to all who braved the elements for this year's HSVROC.
Thanks to Slots for leading his Friday Ride.
Thanks to Valdez for leading the Ride to Sparks.
Thanks to Cranky, K C and Josh for contributing photos for this Blog.

~end of HSVROC 2009 Blog

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