Friday, July 9, 2010


We had a great turnout for HSVROC 2003. The Arizona crew and the California and Nevada people made up the majority of the attendees. But we also had seven people from Oregon. One from Washington - Scorpion~. Two from New Zealand, Toa and Jazz. Auggie from Iowa. The Millers from Kentucky. Bayman from Maryland. Six Pack Jack from Savannah, GA. Craig Scott from Edmonton. UteMike from Salt Lake City.

Topaz Lodge is a perfect venue for a rally. There is a 24 hour General Store and eight gas pumps. Since it is in Nevada there is a 24 hour Casino and three restaurants including a 24 hour Coffee Shop. There is also a 68 space RV park adjacent to the motel area. No camping but the County camp grounds are about a mile away at the edge of Topaz Lake.

Saturday there was a ride to Virginia City and a separate ride to the Ghost Town of Bodie. The ride to Virginia City had a small sidebar. On the return from Virginia City the ride stopped at Barb Huntley's bar in Carson City. Nitelite, who suffers from a rare heat aversion condition, had to borrow the keys to the Huntley's home to take a cool shower. In the ensuing return trip to Topaz there was a bit of miscommunication and Mrs. Nitelite (new nic of Homeless) somehow remained at the bar in Carson City as all arrived back at the Topaz Lodge. So off goes Howard "NiteLite" Sublow, skunk tail (on his DOT approved? helmet) whipping in the wind at about 105 mph the 35 miles to Carson City. After somehow talking himself out of a speeding ticket, probably because he stopped and waited five minutes for the motorcycle Nevada Trooper to catch up to him, wife and Howard made it back in time for the Big Feed.

NiteLite's Skunk helmet.

Some photos from 2003:

Hot dogs and chili on Friday afternoon.

Bayman eats chili as Six Pack Jack Ward stares at the lake.

Auggie eating a doggie as Jazz confers with 4E.

Sherm's jug of wine as Barb 4E mugs for the camera.

SA Gunn, Bayman and Chuck Repsher

Sorensons, Winships, Cat and Jim Lohman seeking some shade.

Auggie and Bayman cleaning their bikes as Tom Miller supervises.

Jolynn and Randy, two Drifters from Reno.

Shoeless at Bodie.

TC and 4E at Bodie.

Corral at Topaz Lodge.

Barb Huntley cooked a ton of food for Saturday night. What a Feed.

Butcher tells a tall tale to the Winships.

Tiny, Jest, and Krazbob waiting for the food.

UteMike arrives.

Food is ready.

Krazbob and Lorin.

Bayman, Fogrider, jimbeau and Six Pack Jack.

Kiwis and Clements.

Bobby and Bikerdad's firsts, but I think that is Craig Scott's seconds.

NiteLite tells his story.

VSP selling raffle tickets.

Marles, Barb 4E and Denise Miller.

Tossing some horseshoes.

Toa, Doc Pleasanton, Slots, and Jazz.

Sunday morning.

Jazz and Toa on Sunday morning.

Leaving for Las Vegas.

Guess who has Traveller and the Claw?



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