Friday, July 9, 2010


High Sierra VROC 2004

We had a turnout of 68 people and 55 bikes (if we count Mark Brown "Trout" who made a brief appearance). Scorpion~ from Olympia, WA and Ham and Rocket Girl (Marlana) Dutcher from Issaquah, WA were our northwestern most guests. Six Pack Jack Ward from Savannah, GA for the second year in a row was the farthest from the southeast. Skid and Sandy Robinson of Sudsbury, ONT were our farthest northeastern VROCers. Jimbeau from Escondido was our token southwestern person, but the Arizona contingent led by the Forees made up an impressive group of over 12. HSVROC founder John "Hatrack" Hembree also came up on Saturday.

Six Pack and Skid

Dutchers and Scorpion~

Forees, Guzzo, TC

Hatrack and Papa Cats (VROC #06)

With about a dozen people arriving on Thursday afternoon Paul "Slots" Manske led an impromptu ride to Genoa and other area sites on Friday. The Huntley's, Krazbob and Krazlady (Barb) served up hot dogs and chili all Friday afternoon as riders arrived at the Topaz lodge.


Hot Dogs and Chili

Saturday had Rides to Genoa, Virginia City, June Lake and Yosemite National Park. Most left fairly early when the weather is fairly cool. The afternoons got into the 90's.



The Saturday night Raffle with proceeds going to a fallen Oakland, CA motorcycle policeman's family was well funded. Caddmanq Quinn from Clovis,CA bought a hundred dollars worth of raffle tickets his entire winnings at the Topaz Lodge Casino. Linda "Homeless" Sublow and daughter Laura Sublow sold tickets and stored the raffle prizes. Many donated including Kawasaki USA. The Eastman brothers and Gary "Crazy Cowboy" Stenvers donated many items. Thanks to TC for handling the actual donation.


Sunday morning had 12 bikes headed to the Rally in the Canadian Rockies. But each bike had their own travel plans, so there were at least 9 different routes. The most ambitious was of course Ham Dutcher (two up), who traveled south with the Arizona contingent to Tonopah, NV and Kanab, UT before heading north.

Bucky, lil Bucky, and Cat

Nite Lite telling a story to Six Pack

Robinsons and Quinns


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